Having a beautiful and flexible body is everyone’s desire, and with emerging advancement in the medical industry, contouring or sculpturing procedures are trending globally. This trend of undergoing contouring procedures is making inferiority complex of people those who are ashamed to flaunt their body in public. Studies proved that these sculpturing methods give instant, long-lasting results, and you are ready to wear a beautiful dress for any big occasion. It has been observed that in the United States, this cosmetic procedure is prevalent. Apart from several sculpturing procedures, Liposuction is one of them which has become a boon for those people who tried everything and fails in getting a toned body. Liposuction is a surgical procedure which works on the suction technique. In this technique, the Liposuction is performed on the fat deposition areas like abdomen, neck, thighs, loose arms, hips, waist, etc. fatty regions of the body and suction is applied on the excess fat area where the deposited fat is removed by applying suction. There is only a certain amount of excess fat which can be removed from the body as Liposuction is a contouring process only. Before stepping into the procedure, one should fulfil the below criteria: • Should not be suffering from any diseases or disorders • Should have elastic and flexible skin • Should be a non-smoker MedTours Global recommends that before undergoing such procedures, a person should take consultation from an expert cosmetologist. MedTours Global is associated with the expert and experienced cosmetologists, who are skilled and have performed numerous surgeries and provided good social life to the people. It has been noticed that there are more than 50% of people who won't be able to involve in any social activity because of their excess weight as they feel shy and avoid interactions. Before undergoing Liposuction, it is suggested that a patient should consult a cosmetologist who can define the type of skin, elasticity, the best options, and all the effects and safety measures to you. Your cosmetologist can provide you specific guidelines which can help you in getting the excellent results of body contouring. Before every surgery or procedure, cosmetologist ask for medical reports, but in case of Liposuction they do the tests like, • Physical examination, which is mandatory to determine the fat areas to ease the process of the surgery • Pulmonary function test • BMI check, and • Fat analysis The procedure starts after giving local or general anesthesia to the patient, and then the specific type of Liposuction is being performed. The Liposuction is further shown in two different ways: • Tumescent Liposuction: A saline solution, along with painkiller, is injected in the affected area or body (if required). Suction pressure is then given by inserting a syringe in the body, which prevents blood loss and provides relief from the pain. • Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction: In this procedure, the fat is removed by liquefying it first and removes the same from the body. This result in contouring the body parts and helps in toning. The time duration of the treatment may vary on the area where the procedure is being implemented. Sometimes, if a patient has to undergo Liposuction at different parts, then surgeons ask them to stay for an overnight in the hospital and at least a week in the country. Since, it is an outpatient procedure, so quick recovery occurs in most of the cases. As per MedTours Global, the costs of Liposuction in the best countries are as follows: In India India is considered a perfect destination for cosmetic surgeries because of its affordable price and use of advanced techniques in multi-specialty hospitals. Liposuction in India, along with food and accommodation, costs approximately $3,800. In Turkey Turkey also attracts foreigners because of its medical services they give to them. Liposuction in Turkey, along with food and accommodation, costs approximately $7,312. In Israel Israel is considered as one of the most advanced medical technology due to which patients tend to travel Israel for several medical purposes. Liposuction in Israel, along with food and accommodation, costs approximately $8,300. In Singapore Hospitals in Singapore are highly advanced in terms of services and comfort. Liposuction in Singapore along with food and accommodation, costs approximately $11,200. Cosmetologist suggests that if you aren't able to lead a tasty and healthy lifestyle after the treatment, then there are good chances that fat cells may get increase again. After the surgery is performed, numbness and the infection may occur, which can be reduced by the rubbing with coconut oil or hand rubbing, which may give relief to the body. If you do not see any of such symptoms after surgery, then it is suggested to follow the diet and exercise recommended by your doctor to maintain those beautiful "love handles" and toned the body to support a new shape. Now, the first question is whether I can cover my Liposuction in medical insurance or not. So, since it is a cosmetic procedure and 95% of the hospitals and clinics do not include the cosmetic process in the insurance. And now when all is set, you only have to pack your bags with all the essential items and get ready to fit in those tailored jeans and flaunt like a diva

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Having a beautiful and flexible body is everyone’s desire, and with emerging advancement in the medical industry, contouring or sculpturing procedures are trending globally. This

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